Reader appeal after memorial plaque is stolen

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SIR - I am writing to inform you of an incident which took place in Ballymoney Cemetery.

At some time between 4.45pm on Wednesday 18th June and 4.15pm on Thursday 19th June, a memorial plaque was stolen from my Father’s grave. This is very upsetting as the plaque was of great sentimental value, as it had been specially chosen for its wording and sentiment. To make it even more upsetting, the Anniversary of my Father’s death is next week. It has caused great distress to my Mother and all the family.

We feel that as the time bracket was such a small one that possibly someone may have noticed suspicious activity. We also feel that others, who have loved ones in Ballymoney Cemetery, should be aware that such activity is going on. It’s disgraceful that anyone would do such a thing. We would be very grateful if anyone could assist in getting it returned to us as its sentimental value is priceless to us.

Name and address withheld