Ration books an boilin fowl - Ullans series

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Switherin aboot tha times lang syne ir mair affen in mae heid noo-a-deys nir they wur a wheen o year baak.

A think it micht hae somethin tae dae wae tha fect that am noo in mae seiventh year an A hae tha vexin thocht that mair o mae life is ahint mae nir what is in front mae. Mine ye its naw aisy keepin abreest o a that haes happened roon aboot since A wus rinnin aboot in tha hippins. Onywye forbye a that A thocht o tha wye things wur awa baak in tha middle o tha last century, taak Krisamas time for a stert.

Noo let mae taak ye tae a wee cotter hoose ootside Stranocum whur mae feyther an moather leeved wae maesel an yin o mae sisters, mae ether sister wus boarn in tha toon o Cuilren. Things wur ticht eneouch jest efter tha second wurl war,rationin wus still tae tha fore an ye dinnae need tae gae on ony ‘crash diets’ tae keep yer wecht doon. Yin benefit aboot levin in tha North Entrim toonlan wus tha fect that mae feyther aye wus able tae pit in twarthy drills o prootas in tha wee gerden as weel kale an airlie hairts an tha lake. Wae kept twarthy fowl roon aboot sae wae aye had eggs an tha odd oul hen that had stapped layin for a big pot o mae moathers guid soup.

Aff coorse Krisamas wus still a time maakin merry for A think maist folk baak then wur a in tha saim boat an wur aisy pleased wae what iver they had. Thur wus nae big presents frae Santa lake noo, awa baak then A mine o gettin a wee gun that fired keps, boys it wus grait tae ye run oot o keps efter aboot haf an oor an mine ye keps wur scarce in Stranocum sae ye had tae mak yer ain bangs tae ye tane a sore throat. But A dinnae baegrudge tha weans noo-a- deys thur ipods an ipads for A think A wus jest ivery bit as happy ectin oot tha wile west alang tha baak o tha midden.