Rasharkin Women’s Group

Rasharkin Women’s Group and Kennedys Pharmacy have organised a talk by Connor McCafferty (ZEST) to happen in Rasharkin Community Centre on February 21 at 7pm.

The talk entitled ‘Everyday Challenges Facing Every Family’ will give information, advice, guidance and support to see us through these more difficult times or to give us insight into supporting our family and friends. Through the Building the Community Pharmacy project we are delighted to invite you to this informative and enlightening talk delivered by Conor, a renowned therapist, trainer and experienced facilitator who will address current topical issues that affect individuals and families in these modern times.

The talk is the starting point for the launch of a project funded by The Community Development and Health Network, and over the coming months more activities will be happening in the Rasharkin area. Any questions regarding the talk can be sent to the Health Development worker Heather North 07731097014 or heathernorth1@hotmail.com.