Radio worries in the Glens

SINN Fein councillor Margaret Anne McKillop has called on DETI to look at the problem of radio service and phone service within the Glens area.

The councillor said: “Every household in Moyle hopes that they are never in need of the emergency services but unfortunately in some cases you will need them and when you do call them you would expect their radio equipment to be fully functional.

“In rural areas like the Glens it appears that radio signal failures is effecting emergency services and their ability to save lives and reach certain properties.

“In the last few months it was highlighted due to a house fire and a very serious accident that there is a lot of blackspots within the Glens and the emergency services had to use their mobile phones for back up, but as anyone living in the Glens area knows this is not always an adequate back up as mobile coverage also has a lot of black spots within the Glens.”

At a Moyle Council meeting Councillor McKillop brought a motion about the issue and Council has agreed to write to DETI as they are responsible for all communications.