Questions raised over future of Moyle Sports Advisory Committee as Blaney labels situation ‘disgraceful’

A MOYLE councillor has described as a disgrace the fact that a leading sports body in the district has not met for months.

Councillor Seamus Blaney says he has received a number of complaints from people who have alleged they had gained approval for financial assistance from Moyle Sports Advisory Committee, but have yet to receive any money.

The Independent representative says that if this is true then it’s showing the Committee in a poor light.

He has also questioned why there was no annual sports awards ceremony for 2010-2011 and that there has been no talk of anything planned for this year.

“This committee is supposed to honour our sports achievers, but is not doing so. It might as well not exist,” he said.

Councillor Blaney had the matter down for discussion at Monday night’s meeting of the Council and has urged that a meeting be held soon to get things back on track.

“I know that the chairman, Tom Christie, is keen to get the ball rolling again and we need to make a move,” he said.

The inactivity of the committee has led to the resignation of TUV member, Sharon McKillop, who, in a call to the chairman, asked if there was any point in continuing when no meetings were taking place.

Councillor McKillop had planned to raise a number of issues surrounding the committee, but said she never got the opportunity.

Her resignation led to the re-appointment of Cllr. Blaney who had originally stepped down from the committee to allow Sinn Fein member, Colm Thompson, to take a position.

Moyle Sports Advisory Committee had been praised for honouring its local sportsmen and women in the past and it is understood that efforts were being made to widen the committee’s remit so that new ventures such as Armoy Road Races could be entered for an award.

Moyle is rich in sporting talent and Cllr. Blaney says he is determined to get the committee back in action and end the year with a sports awards ceremony.

“I will also be finding out if there are any people out there who are due grants. This will be my priority for the moment,” he added.