Quadrangle are all set for panto time - oh yes they are!

Quadrangle pantomime. INBM47-14
Quadrangle pantomime. INBM47-14

Quadrangle Productions are very excited to announce that rehearsals are in full swing and things are well and truly under way in preparation for this Christmas!

Beginning on Saturday 20th December, there will performances of this fantastic pantomime which has been collaboratively written by Quadrangle’s Chairperson Caroline McAfee and long standing member Lee McLaughlin.

Cinderella, which is based on the original fairytale has been reworked for a modern audience, with lots of engaging characters to keep everyone entertained.

After some serious line learning the cast have now jumped in to action and are rehearsing twice a week in preparation for the big event. There are ten members of cast playing the weird and wonderful characters and we are certain you’re bound to know someone in the line up; We have Kellyann McKillen, as Cinderella and Lee McLaughlin, as Prince Theo. Carol Warren, as Mrs Grimm and Caroline McAfee and Michael Duffin, playing her daughters (the ugly step sisters) Mildred and Gertrude.

Then there’s Dominic McAfee as King George and Daniel Gormley as the Royal Advisor. We have Deirdre Goodlad as Wanda the Wonderful and lastly but by no means least we have Danielle Brown and Sandy Cole playing the much needed narrators, Jack and Jill.

The Chairperson of Quadrangle Productions and one of the script writers for Cinderella, Caroline, had this to say: “Both Lee and I are so happy with how the script has turned out and now that we’re on the stage moving about, it’s all coming to life!

“We hope that our performance will match all of those modern day Disney/Pixar movies like Shrek etc that have something for everyone, both young and old, and this is why we’ll be encouraging everyone to come


Tickets can be purchased from Watson’s Opticians in Ballycastle (028 207 62431) and full details on dates, times and cost are as follows:

Saturday 20th 2pm Show: £6, Saturday 20th 7.30pm Show £8, Sunday 21st 2pm Show: £6, Sunday 21st 7.30pm Show: £8, Monday 22nd 7.30pm Show: £8