PSNI warn of tidal surge on Monday

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The Police Commander in charge of the multi- agency response to today’s flood threat has thanked the various partner agencies and the community for their efforts and vigilance.

Although today’s tides and conditions did not result in widespread, serious flooding, Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin warned that the risk remained over the next three days, particularly on Sunday and Monday. He said:

“Over the past few hours we have experienced extreme tidal surges in many coastal areas across Northern Ireland. In preparing for these types of events we must plan for the worst but thankfully, on this occasion, our defences held in most areas.

“Unfortunately we’re not over this extreme weather yet. We are anticipating another higher than usual high tide around mid-day on Sunday and Monday afternoon’s high tide has the potential again to cause widespread flooding.

“We will remain on high alert over the coming days and we would urge the public to do the same. We would ask people to continue avoiding coastal paths and to drive with extreme caution over the next few days. We would advise people to retain their sandbags for potential use again on Sunday and Monday.

“Weather forecasting is subject to continual change and we will continue to work with our partner agencies and engage with local communities and the media as we get a clearer indication of the coming weather patterns.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partner agencies who have worked tirelessly over the past day and a half to ensure that this operation has gone smoothly to date.

“I’d like to re-emphasise that over the coming days, people can either call the Flooding Incident Line on 0300 2000 100, or the Police non-emergency line on 0845 600 8000 if they would like advice or support around potential flooding.”