PSNI:Paedophile rumours untrue


Police in Ballymoney would like to reassure the community following suggestions that a paedophile ring is operating in the local area.

In a statement to the Times, Area Commander Chief Inspector Brenda Cairns explained: “Police have become aware of postings relating to Ballymoney, which have suggested activity of a paedophile ring operating in the area.

“Officers responsible for the risk assessment and management of registered sex offenders within H District’s Public Protection Unit want to assure the community in Ballymoney and indeed within the whole District that this is not the case.

“The management of risk associated with sexual offending is taken very seriously by PSNI and all sexual offenders are managed robustly.

“Where risky behaviours are identified within any community, Public Protection Unit officers act promptly and professionally to negate that risk, safeguard children and bring perpetrators to justice.

“As with any criminal activity, you; the community remain our eyes and ears.

“And we encourage you to report any behaviour that causes you alarm or concern,” concluded Inspector Cairns.

Anyone with any concerns should contact the police on the new non-emergency number 101.