Protect yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

This week is Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, 19th November - 23rd November 2012. Moyle Home Accident Prevention group in association with Moyle District Council are urging Moyle residents to have all boilers and fuel burning appliances including wood burning stoves and multi- fuel stoves serviced annually using a qualified engineer registered with an appropriate organisation to help protect against any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home this winter.

All vents, flues and chimneys should also be checked to ensure that there are kept clear. Moyle residents are also reminded to contact Moyle District Council Building Control Department on 028 207 62225 for certification of any newly installed wood burning stoves and multi fuel burners and any refurbishment of old redundant open fires including those with back boilers.

Carbon Monoxide can be produced when ANY fuel is burnt including oil, gas, wood and coal. Early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include Headache, nausea, abdominal pains, dizziness, sore throat and dry cough but unlike other illnesses it does not cause fever. More severe poisoning can cause confusion, drowsiness and breathing difficulties and eventually seizures or loss of consciousness. Moyle HAP Group would advise residents not to ignore the symptom of carbon monoxide, should you become affected you should open doors and windows for ventilation and go outside into fresh air. Go to your GP or nearest A&E department. If urgent, call 999 for an ambulance. Call the relevant emergency advice line: Gas Emergency Service (24hours) 0800 002 001, oil( OFTEC) 0845 658 5080.

To have your fuel appliance serviced it is recommended that you use a qualified engineer registered with any of the following organisations including Gas Safe Register for all gas appliances -Tel 0800 408 5500, Northern Ireland Association of Chimney Sweeps for chimney flues for all fuel types - visit , Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) for oil appliances - Tel 0845 658 5080 and Northern Ireland Coal Advisory Service for soild fuel appliance - Tel 0845 712 5300. Carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas so for added protection an audible Carbon Monoxide alarm can also be installed, these can be purchased from DIY stores or supermarkets from around £20, the monitor must carry a CE mark, have an end life indicator and carry an independent certification mark.

For further information and advice on Carbon Monoxide or if you would like an officer to call out to talk to your community group please contact David Adams, Moyle Home Safety Officer on 02820762225 or email . Alternatively you can call the HSENI helpline on 0800 0320 121, text phone 028 90 546896 or visit .