Proposals for more Christmas lighting - McLaughlin

Cllr Cathal McLaughlin
Cllr Cathal McLaughlin

Sinn Féin councillor Cathal McLaughlin has accused Ballymoney DUP of playing petty party-politics with rate-payers money.

The claim was made following Monday night’s Council Meeting during which the DUP proposed spending another £30,000 of ratepayer’s money on additional Christmas decorations for Ballymoney town.

The proposal was put to Council by the DUP despite the fact that £65,000 of rate payer’s money had already been spent on the same project last year.

Cllr McLaughlin described the DUP action as a hypocritical move which highlighted the total lack of financial prudence within that Party.

The Councillor said: “This was a blatant self-serving move by a Party grouping that has apparently lost any sense of the morality and financial prudence that they may once have possessed.”

Cllr McLaughlin accused the DUP of showing total disregard for the ratepayer by making this proposal which was based on nothing more than a whim.

He asserted: “The DUP councillors from the rural areas supported the proposal of a £30,000 spend in the town, without any idea of how the decorations could be improved and more importantly without any consideration of the ratepayers in the rest of the District who put them in the positions they are in!

“This was an ill-considered insult to their own voters in the rural areas, who I have no doubt would have enjoyed their villages brightened up a little as well, over the Christmas period.”

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