Post of Xmas past

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EACH winter postmen delivering seasons greetings to Kathleen Nevin Beckett have been laden with cards and parcels from across the world wishing the popular Ballymoney woman a merry Christmas.

Kathleen receives festive wishes from throughout the United Kingdom and as far afield as America and Canada every year.

But this year Kathleen is appealing to friends and family NOT to send her any Christmas cards.

The bubbly pensioner - who when asked her age replied ‘Over 80 - just’ - told the Times she was no longer able to commit to replying to the 200-plus cards which wing their way to her home each year.

“I usually get and send over 200 cards every Christmas,” she said.

“They come from America, Canada, all over the place.

“I’m asking people not to send me any this year because I’m just not up to writing all those cards this year.”

“You could say I’ve just run out of ink!” she joked.

One Christmas tradition Kathleen has no intention of giving up however is her charity work.

Among her good deeds is the filling of over 50 shoeboxes with goods which are sent to children in impoverished countries.

Among the items she sends are crocheted presents which she spends hours completing for the disadvantaged youngsters.

Kathleen has lived in Ballymoney all of her life and worked as a cashier/bookkeeper in the town.

She is a familiar face around the Riverside Park.

The animal-lover visits the park every morning to feed the ducks and swans.