Popular local man retires

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A LEGEND in local journalism is stepping down this Friday after decades of outstanding service to the community in north Antrim.

Lyle McMullan has been at the forefront of news-reporting for over four decades and the Bushside man has dominated the newspaper scene recording the key moments of life in the north of the county.

Lyle McMullan is sad to be leaving the Times

Lyle McMullan is sad to be leaving the Times

Covering the Troubles, Lyle was on hand with his trusty pen and notebook throughout the tough periods but he also captured the good times over the years in a community close to his heart. He never forgot the nitty-gritty of local reporting and was instrumental in the setting up of the Ballymoney and Moyle Times in 1989.

Lyle started many young reporters and encouraged and guided them and that legacy is that there is barely a newsroom in Belfast without somebody who trained under him.

But on the thoroughfares of his beloved north Antrim, despite being an editor of standing, he never became aloof and his down to earth style meant he was always approachable.

Over the years Lyle has penned countless articles on people who retire and his often used phrase - ‘popular local man’ - is again very appropriate on this occasion when Lyle officially lays down his pen after years of hard work and service to north Antrim.

* Lyle it has been an honour and a privilege to work for and with you. Good luck in your retirement - you’ll be sadly missed. But as a man with newspaper ink in your veins we’re sure we’ll continue to see the trademark initials used to sign-off many articles - LMM.

From us all at ‘the paper!’