‘Withdraw’ Hunger Strike cash - Brewster

INDEPENDENT Moyle Council election candidate Derwyn Brewster is calling for the Council to withdraw a £250 Good Relations Grant towards the cost of running a touring exhibition on the Hunger Strikes.

The Bushmills man said: “The Bushmills community is in shock that such a thing would even be considered to be funded in the first place! It beggars belief that this can be part of good relations as this forms no part of Unionist Culture and we feel should not be celebrated.

“I would like to know who in their right mind would want to go and see photos of people lying in their own faeces? These people were criminals and do not deserve to be given the recognition that Moyle District Council are using taxpayers’ money to promote.

“This £250 would be better spent on transport to bring local people to the homecoming parade of our real Ulster heros- the Armed Forces who protect Queen and Country. The recommendation was made without a vote but I would like to know why there was no vote and why none of our Unionist Councillors (chocolate teapots) objected to this? There was a Nationalist majority in Chambers that day but that is absolutely no reason to not put it to vote,

“I am extremely disappointed in the way Council is being run at present and especially with the way Unionist councillors seem to be sitting back and not taking a stand, This inequality has to be brought to an end and the only way to do this is new blood and a new way forward,” said Mr Brewster.