Cunningham calls for improved public toilet provision

SDLP representative Donal Cunningham, running in the upcoming local elections, has called for a marked improvement in the provision of public toilets for the Ballycastle area.

Donal has had much feedback through canvassing regarding the issue, primarily from the elderly people of the town. Ballycastle currently operates limited facilities, which are even more limited during the winter months. This can have detrimental effects on the accessibility of the town for its older occupants. Donal feels that this issue has garnered a great deal of public attention and it is one that he takes very seriously.

With regards to the issue of public toilet provision, Donal stated; “I feel that we need to address the need for improved provision of public toilets in the Ballycastle area. The facilities that are currently on offer are in need of major improvements, and more public toilet facilities need to be made available. Furthermore, I feel that much more needs to be done to improve accessibility for the disabled and elderly people of Ballycastle.”

He added; “There is evidence that investment in good toilet provision has been shown to increase retail turnover, tourist numbers, and economic growth. I hope to achieve better provision, and to promote a positive shift in attitudes and approaches to the whole issue of toilet provision and use.”

Donal feels that the standard of Ballycastle’s public toilets are of some major concern, particularly as pertains to accessibility and provision for disabled and elderly users. He would point to the facilities at Market Street and the Seafront as prime examples of the lack of accessibility and provision, and is firmly in favour of making changes to ensure that the public as a whole are adequately catered for.