‘Council experience is vital’ - Harding

INDEPENDENT candidate Helen Harding says her vast experience as a local councillor will again be of benefit to the local community.

The former Ulster Unionist was first elected to Moyle District Council in 1993 for the Ballycastle District Electoral Area and at each local election since.

Mrs Harding said: “I was brought up to respect everyone regardless of religion, class or creed, so I feel sad when reference is made to two communities as, although there are different traditions, it is my strong belief there is only one community.

“In view of my extensive experience as a councillor, where I have been Chair and Vice-Chair, I think it is clearly demonstrated that I can make good judgements and decisions. In addition, working as a councillor on a day-to-day basis and faced with a wide range of issues I never make snap judgements or rash promises it would be impossible to fulfil.

“I have represented the Council on the Management Committee of the Causeway Citizens Advice Bureau for over 15 years and I was instrumental in an Outreach Service being provided in the Moyle area. I have served as Vice-Chair of the Management Committee for a number of years.

“The Home Accident Prevention Group (HAP) was founded nine years ago where I played a leading role in its formation, and have been the Chair since the outset.

“I have been a member of the District Policing Partnership since the outset and I also represent the Council on other bodies and committees which include:- Ballintoy Community Development Association; Rathlin Boathouse Partnership; Community Safety Partnership; Good Relations Forum; Ballycastle Town Partnership.

“In view of my connections with Ballycastle and surrounding areas on a personal and local government basis I hope that I will receive the same support in the May 2011 election that I have in the past,” said Mrs Harding.