Police warning following creeper burglaries

Police in Moyle are appealing for homeowners to take crime prevention measures to protect their property following a number of creeper burglaries in the Ballycastle area recently.

Sunday, 5th February 2012, 5:55 am

A creeper burglary is when thieves will enter your home to steal valuables, including the keys to your vehicle. This makes it a great deal easier for criminals to access your car given the technological advances in vehicle designs. Many cars are now almost impossible to start without having a key.

To make it as difficult as possible for anyone to take your car you should:

-Not leave your car keys in open view or an obvious place. Store them away.

-Ensure your car is locked, even if it is parked on your own property.

-Always secure your home and ensure doors and windows are locked so that there are no opportunities for thieves.

-Set your burglar alarm when you go to bed as well as when you leave the house.

Sergeant David Armour said: “I can offer residents my assurance that the police officers who serve this community take the issue of burglary very seriously and will be working tirelessly to prevent further occurrences and keep local people, and their homes, safe.

“Recent burglaries in the area have occurred at night time and I would encourage anyone with information regarding these crimes to bring that information to local police. We are especially keen to hear from anyone who notices any suspicious people or vehicles in their area. If you notice a suspicious vehicle, please note the registration and contact police immediately so we can check it out. By working together we can identify the individuals for burglaries locally, prevent them from committing further offences and make them amenable for their crimes.”