Police warning after thefts from Bushmills and Ballycastle farms

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Residents in rural areas are warned to be vigilant about securing their property following thefts from farms in the Bushmills and Ballycastle areas overnight.

Police are investigating the possibility that those behind the incidents travelled from other areas.

PSNI Sergeant Tim McCullough said: “Trailers, quads and other farm machinery are attractive items to criminals and can be easily sold on for profit however there are steps you can take to make your property more difficult to steal.

“Hitch locks can be used to better secure trailers and we would advise that quads and trailers are stored away when not in use in shed and garages that have suitable locks. We would strongly advise having your trailer marked and its details registered with your local police and for high value vehicles consider the use of Tracker or other similar devices.

“One line of enquiry in relation to these recent incidents is that criminals are coming here from other areas, therefore if you do see suspicious activity, or farm vehicles or machinery being moved at strange hours let us know straightaway and we can follow it up.

“If you would like more information you can visit our website or contact our Crime Prevention Officer on the non-emergency number 101.”