Police issue pre-Christmas shoplifting warning

POLICE are appealing for shopkeepers and the public to be on the alert for shoplifters in Ballymoney in the run up to Christmas.

A PSNI spokesman told the Times: “We would ask the public and the business community to be alert for shoplifters particularly as Christmas approaches we are aware there may be an increase.”

The spokesman added: “We would ask that all suspicious activity is reported to us and the sooner we get information the better.

We are after as much detailed information as possible, ie descriptions of suspects; the direction they have gone and the make, model and registration number of any vehicle they may be in.”

There was an alleged shoplifting incident in Ballymoney High Street on Saturday.

Alert staff contacted police who responded and three men were arrested and property seized around 2pm.

A car was stopped on the Frosses Road and three men from the Belfast area, aged 25,26 and 27, were arrested and items, suspected of having being stolen, were recovered.

A man (27) was charged to appear at court on Monday in relation to alleged theft and going equipped for theft. Two other men were charged to appear at court in Coleraine on November 30.

A car was seized by police because it was suspected of having being used in connection with a crime.

The driver has also been reported for alleged dangerous driving.