Police car amnesty hailed a success

POLICE in Ballymoney have hailed their recent car amnesty a success.

Local motorists were invited to attend the event at Biestys on the Portrush Road on September 28 to have their cars inspected.

Rather than take action against any modified vehicles found to be in breach of the law, drivers were told of any concerns officers had and advised to rectify them.

The initiative was prompted following a number of complaints regarding noise from vehicles in the borough in recent months.

PSNI Constable Ricky Black was one of the organisers of the event.

He told the Times afterwards: “It went well.

“Our main objective on the evening was to test the vehicles for noise emission due to a lot of complaints in areas such as Queens Street.

“There had been complaints in relation to vehicles with noisy exhausts so that was our main task.

“We tested a number of cars, a few were found to be over the recommended limit and the next level is enforcement if the problem persists.

“We were also providing advice on vehicles which had been modified.

“Nobody was directed to do anything, they were advised.

“Some were advised that if they are stopped on the road again they might not get away so lightly.

“The onus was really on them to get it rectified, there were no formal requirements given to them.”

The initiative was supported by Causeway Cruisers who are involved in the education of young drivers as well as showing them how to adapt their vehicles safely and legally.

UUP councillor Bill Kennedy said he commended those behind the amnesty.

Constable Black added: “Police in the near future will be going out in conjunction with the Noise Abatement Officer at the council and carrying out tests on vehicles in the Ballymoney area and if they are found to be over they will be either prosecuted or rectification forms handed out to them depending on the gravity of the offences.”