Planning notes for Causeway Coast & Glens


A planning application for two broiler houses in Waterfoot containing 37,000 birds in each was withdrawn at the last minute from the Planning list at Tuesday’s Council meeting.

Members of the Causeway Coast and Glens Planning Committee were due to debate the application by Martin Cosgrove for land south east of Glenariff Road.

The application is for two broiler houses for up to 37,000 birds per unit, including new ancillary building, concrete apron, meal and fuel silos, plus associated landscaping scheme and site works to accommodate new entrance to service proposed development.

However, councillors were told that new information had been received by Planners which required them to withdraw the matter from the schedule to look at the information further,

Cllr Sam Cole asked if there was not a deadline for the receipt of additional information on an application.

Planning manager Denise Dickson said that the letters had been received the day before the Planning committee meeting and added that, until a decision is made, all information had to be looked at.


Plans to extend a house in Bushmills have been given the go-ahead despite seven objections to the scheme.

Members of the Causeway Coast and Glens Planning Committee met on Tuesday to discuss the plan to extend the rear of 6 Aird Clachan.

A Planning representative told the meeting that objections from neighbours had included the fact that the proposal was not in keeping with the character of Clachan, title deeds precluded any extensions, impact on neighbouring amenity, contrary to a section of the Northern Area Plan, precedent would be set, loss or privacy, loss of light, loss of view.

Planning’s Shane Mathers said that the proposed extension by applicant Mark Thallon was for the rear of an existing holiday home, to extend the kitchen/living area.

Members of the Planning committee voted to accept the recommendation to grant permission.


Causeway Coast and Glens Council have granted planning permission for a statue to be erected to commemorate NI and Manchester United goalkeeper Harry Gregg.

The planning application for a life size statue of the Munich air disaster hero was discussed on Tuesday at a meeting of the Planning committee.

Members heard that the statue will be situated at “Next corner” in the Diamond in Coleraine and the statue will show Harry in a diving position, saving a goal.

Cllr Sam Cole said that while Harry Gregg had been a boyhood hero of his, he did wonder if Coleraine was in danger of having too many statues. Referring to the fact that the Diamond already has a statue of Bertie Peacock, Cllr Cole asked: “Where do we draw the line?”

Planning representative Shane Mathers said: “I don’t think Harry Gregg will be competing with Bertie Peacock” but added that if Council were inundated with requests for statues in the Diamond then “you might say enough is enough”.

Members of the Planning committee then voted to approve the plan.