Pipe bombs found in Dervock

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RESIDENTS in two housing estates in Dervock were evacuated on Monday morning following the discovery of two suspicious packages.

The areas affected were McArthur Avenue and Castlewood and police and ATO were at the scene to carry out investigations.

It is not yet known why the devices were left or who were the targets.

However, the news comes at a time when the village is preparing for celebrations on Saturday to mark the 100th anniversary of the success of former resident, K. K. McArthur who won a gold medal at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm.

McArthur developed his love for running whilst working as a postman in Dervock and will always be remembered as a legend around the area.

Both community activists in Dervock and Council officers in Ballymoney have been working tirelessly to put on a number of events to highlight the success of McArthur.

On Saturday, the village will host a marathon in his memory and other celebrations are planned to make it a family fun day.

One resident commented: “We don’t need this now or at anytime. It’s a shame that it has happened now just as we are about to celebrate something really special.”