‘Pinning’ their hopes on closer craft links

NEEDLEWORK and crafts are central to links being developed between Bushmills and Cushendall.

A Moyle Council report stated: ‘Further to their visit to Cushendall development Group on March 8, 2013, the ‘Needles and Pins Group’ are keen to extend an invitation to the Cushendall group to come to Bushmills.

‘The group hopes to use this visit to build on relationships ignited by their visit to Cushendall and to share aspects of their culture, heritage and tradition with the Cushendall group using the medium of needlework and crafts.

‘The focus for the meeting will be to foster good relations through reflection on differences and similarities within the groups and look at ways of developing inter-community needlework and craft activities that both groups will be willing to work on together.

‘The programme for the event will also stimulate discussion during which members of the Needles and Pins group will present needlework and crafts that have been completed.’