Phillips joins Allister’s TUV

Steven Phillips, well known community activist from Dervock and until recently secretary of North Antrim Ulster Unionist Party, has resigned from the UUP and joined TUV.

Mr Phillips was a UUP Council candidate in the 2011 elections.

Commenting on his decision Steven Phillips said: “It is clear to me that the UUP has lost its way. I no longer can decern with clarity what it stands for, particularly under Mike Nesbitt’s leadership. With TUV, on the other hand, there is no such doubt. Jim Allister, even as a single voice in Stormont, has made his mark because he knows what he believes in and sticks to his guns.

“The core unionist values that I believe in I find now are evident only in TUV. The DUP is so interested in keeping Sinn Fein happy it will do anything for power and abandon any principle that stands in the way. UUP is rudderless. But, TUV is firm and clear and puts principle before power. In North Antrim I see TUV gaining support every day, particularly as the Stormont regime continues to disappoint and fail.

“I, therefore, look forward to being part of a unionist party of principle and conviction.”

Welcoming Steven Phillips to TUV, the Party Leader Jim Allister said, “It’s always good to get the support and help of committed unionists like Steven. I believe his move is a reflection of a growing disillusionment with the expediency politics of others and realisation that in TUV we stand up for what is right. Across Northern ireland we’ve seen an increase in membership in recent months. In Ballymoney branch alone we’ve just welcomed in 4 new members, a number of them with previous UUP connections. I look forward to working with Steven Phillips as we continue to grow the party in North Antrim.”