Pets at Home lends hand to Brownies

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Pets at Home in Coleraine is offering local Brownie groups free workshops to help members gain their Friend to Animals badge.

Young people can attend workshops, created especially for Brownies at the Pets at Home store in Coleraine, where they will receive advice from trained in-store colleagues on how to care for pets responsibly. They will then receive free workbooks to help record the advice, which has been created with the Brownie badge requirements in mind.

To work towards getting their badges, Brownies will learn about the five welfare needs of animals - shelter, food and water, good health, appropriate company and the right living environment. They will also learn how to care for small animals, fish and insects, and understand the correct types, varieties and quantities of food to feed them. They can find out about the right habitats for the animals they meet, where they sleep and how to ensure they get the appropriate level of exercise. In addition they will learn how to keep animals healthy and recognise common illnesses.

Debbie McDonald, store manager at Pets at Home Coleraine said: “Our friendly colleagues are always happy to share their extensive knowledge of pet care. The free workshops and workbooks will help local Brownies find out all the information they need to achieve some of their badge activity tasks, teaching them how to care for pets responsibly.”

To obtain a badge, Brownies must complete a number of tasks, which can include making an informative poster about their favourite pet, helping a pet charity, or creating a quiz about endangered animals.

For information on booking a free workshop please contact the manager of the Coleraine store by visiting