Peat can tackle fuel poverty in NIHE houses says Baird

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A Moyle councillor has called on the NI Housing Executive to ensure that houses do not have their flues blocked so that tenants can burn peat to heat their homes.

Cllr Joan Baird was addressing representatives of the Housing Executive who attended Monday night’s meeting of Moyle District Council.

She said that many people had chosen oil to heat their home as it is convenient and effective but many people were now in fuel poverty and couldn’t afford to buy oil.

“What is the possibility of keeping flues open? A lot of people would like to put on a peat fire as it will heat a room and is a local fuel which people can access relatively easily,” she said.

Frank O’Connor from NIHE said that councils such as Moyle had done a lot of good work organising Oil Clubs to bulk buy oil at a cheaper price. He said he realised that peat might be convenioent and NIHE were “doing what they can” to look at the issue.