Peace Group hears from PSNI chief

Community News
Community News

Rev Nancy Cubitt opened the latest meeting of the Causeway Coast Peace Group with inspirational devotions, after which the Peace Group leader Eleanor Duff introduced PSNI Chief Inspector Catherine Magee and invited her to address the Group.

Chief Inspector Magee said that building good community relationships is high on her agenda.

The PSNI is undergoing major restructuring at the moment to bring it into line with the new council areas as well as ensuring good use of resources in a time of financial reductions. The main aim of the police force is still keeping people safe at all times 24/7.

There will continue to be neighbourhood teams working in our area,working in partnership with local residents.

Inspector Magee stressed the importance of good communication and information being received from local people. The Crimestoppers number 0800 555111 is completely confidential in passing information on to the police who will act upon it especially when two or three calls have been made on the same issue.

All calls to the police are responded to. Non-emergency in twenty-four hours, emergency calls immediately. The inspector emphasised that all PSNI personnel are highly trained in dealing with various situations. Where necessary the local team has access to trained officers from other areas and also access to a wide range of other services. The group were assured that all personnel in the area together with senior staff meeting daily to consider issues from the previous twenty-four hours.

Insp Magee responded to a number of comments from the audience. There were also a number of positive comments from members who had received excellent support from PSNI officers in difficult circumstances.