Pat’s half marathon ‘shines’ a light on charity

Pat and her daughter Adrienne on their way to start the walk. INBM41-14 S
Pat and her daughter Adrienne on their way to start the walk. INBM41-14 S

A Ballymoney woman and her daughter have successfully completed the Cancer Research UK Shine Night walk in London which, it is hoped, will raise a massive £5 million towards research into 200 kinds of cancer.

Pat Crossley and her daughter Adrienne walked the 13 mile route around some of London’s most iconic landmarks with 17,000 other charity walkers.

The charity fundraiser is all the more incredible given that Pat, who is 72 years of age, had undergone foot surgery earlier in the year.

All of the walkers were encouraged to wear something bright to “shine” through the streets of London as they walked.

Pat said that the she felt both excited and emotional as all the walkers had cards on their backs saying who they were “shining” and walking for.

“These messages were very powerful, and whilst I was remembering my husband Norman and brother Ian, I felt for all those around me who likewise had been affected by cancer in one way or another,” she explained.

“But each was doing something positive to make sure there is the best positive research for those suffering from cancer at present, and so there was an air of excitement as well as hope.

“The long lines of walkers came through the entrance gates of Southwark Park with its beautiful trees all lit up with lights of different colours making it like a magical fairyland.

“At the end of the park, the band stand resounded to a fantastic group of singers and musicians all brightly lit up singing encouraging songs.

“The Shiners walked through London streets like a purple river, holding glow torches, wearing wrist bands with lights and some even had wound lights round their t-shirts.

“Many buildings on the route beamed out messages of encouragement such as “Greetings from Channel 4 and Good Luck”. Taxi drivers hooted their horns as they passed too.”

Pat added: “Everyone walking had a story but, as well as remembering Norman, and successfully attaining our target, an extra special gift for me was to be asked by Adrienne to attempt the half marathon with her and to have those precious six hours together.”

Pat is still fundraising for Cancer Research UK and has almost reached her target of £1,000 so if anyone can help her reach the amount, she would be delighted