Parking restrictions on Mountsandel Road

New parking restrictions on the Mountsandel Road will help the flow of traffic in Coleraine, according to East Londonderry MLA, Maurice Bradley, writes Gillian Anderson, Local Democracy Reporter.

Thursday, 8th April 2021, 3:45 pm

The new rules will prohibit vehicles parking between 8am and 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and a penalty charge of £90 will be payable in respect to any vehicle involved in contravening the restrictions.

Mr Bradley’s office has been dealing with queries from constituents on this matter for some time.

He said: “I was in touch with the Department back in 2017 raising concerns about traffic flow and indeed safety concerns as pedestrians were being forced to walk on the road as the footpaths were being used by cars.

Maurice Bradley MLA

“A consultation was opened and I am pleased that the issues will be resolved with the new restrictions. The Mountsandel Road is a busy stretch at all times of the day.

“There’s a doctors’ surgery and of course heavy plant vehicles entering and exiting from the building merchants – add that to the heavy traffic due to the one-way system and you can see why it was proving difficult if one lane of traffic is partly obstructed by parked vehicles.

“I know that town centre workers have been using the Mountsandel area to park their cars since the parking tariffs came into force at Terrace Row. Perhaps our council should have another look at parking charges or some kind of reduction for town centre workers so that this is not a problem that moves to another area of the town,” concluded Bradley.

* Mountsandel Rd (E side) 15m north of its junction with Mount St for 18m; Mountsandel Rd (NE side) 15m south-east of its junction with Mount St to a point 15m NW of its junction with St. Patrick’s Avenue; Mountsandel Rd (NE side) 15m SE of its junction with St. Patrick’s Avenue for 68m and Mountsandel Road (SW side) 48m SE of its junction with Beresford Place.