Parking mad? More traffic wardens to go on duty in town


It’s official - the ‘red coats’ of Ballymoney will be patrolling the local streets three hours more each day.

Over the past few years local traffic wardens have had their deployment base in Coleraine due to funding issues and have been split each day between the two towns.

However, it has been revealed that local attendants will now be based solely in the borough therefore cutting down on travelling time and ensuring 9am to 5pm traffic management and parking enforcement.

Enforcement is provided by Roads Service’s contractor, NSL Services Group, who employ 117 traffic attendants Monday - Saturday throughout Northern Ireland.

This includes two to three full time deployments in Ballymoney. Their work covers enforcement of disabled bays, waiting restrictions and car parks.

A spokesperson for NSL explained: “Yes we are going to have a fixed base in Ballymoney, with two or three full time traffic attendants located in the town at all times.

“This will cut out the travelling attendents have been doing to get to Coleraine and ensure survellience from 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.”

Commenting on the news local MLA Mervyn Storey said: “I don’t think that anyone will be jumping up and down for joy about this news. Unfortunately the Red Coats are seen as more of a disadvantage to Ballymoney rather than an asset.

“While it is necessary to ensure that there is no abuse of traffic parking, it seems that there is more of the letter of the law as opposed to the spirit of the law when it comes to enforcement. I have had concerns for some time as to the cost of the contract Road Service has with NSL and the benefit it brings to shopping towns such as Ballymoney.”