Parishioners against Irish signs

PARISHIONERS at Ballintoy Parish Church “strenuously” objected to a bid to erect Irish nameplates at Harbour Road in the village, it has emerged.

An application was made for bilingual Irish/English signs at Harbour Road but it failed because only 36 per cent of respondents were in favour, which fell short of the necessary two thirds of positive replies.

A Moyle Council report said: ‘With regard to the proposal in respect of Harbour Road, Ballintoy, it should be noted that a petition was submitted to Council signed by 47 parishoners of Ballintoy Parish Church strenuously objecting to such a proposal. However, only one vote was allowed on behalf of the Church premises.’

Several bilingual signs in both English/Irish and English/Ulster-Scots have already gone up in several areas in Moyle.

Meanwhile, new bilingual signs in both English and Irish are set to go up in Cushendun.

Moyle Council was told a survey showed that 100 per cent of respondents at Riverview Crescent agreed to the move and in Knocknacarry Court in the Cushendun area 71 per cent of those who replied were in favour.

Confirmation has now been received for the translations for the following street/road nameplates in English/Irish: Ardmoyle Park, Cushendall - Páirc Ard na Maoile; Bridge Street, Cushendall - Sráid an Droichid; Carey Mill, Ballycastle - Muileann Chathraí; Dalriada Avenue, Cushendall - Ascaill Dhál Riada; Dalriada Drive, Cushendall - Céide Dhál Riada; Dalriada Gardens, Cushendall - Garraithe Dhál Riada; Mill Street, Cushendall - Sráid an Mhuilinn; Moyle View, Cushendall - Radharc na Maoile; Shore Street, Cushendall - Sráid na Trá.

The Council report added: ‘This information has now been passed to the Technical Services Department to facilitate ordering of signage. Further to the agreement by Council at its meeting on 25th July 2011, a costing exercise of a current street survey is now ongoing and a final estimate will be brought to Council in due course.’