Paisley welcomes announcement on housing insurance policies over floods

DUP MP Ian Paisley has welcomed the governments announcement that housing insurance policies will not be escalated as a result of the disastrous floods that hit Britain last winter.

The consultation, introduced by MP Dan Rogerson will be looking to stop house insurance rising for anyone as a direct result of the significant damage caused to so many houses last year.

The North Antrim MP explained: “I am delighted the government have introduced this consultation to ensure that UK homeowners don’t have to continue paying for the damage caused by the floods by an immediate rise in insurance costs.

“I have already called on the government to take serious action to aid the significant number of people in my constituency, particularly those living in the Toome Road, Queen Street and Antrim Road areas, who have experienced so much disruption and financial struggles off the back of the poor flood defences that are currently in place.

“Should this consultation lead to the introduction of this new regulation on house insurance then that is at least the first step in ensuring that residents throughout North Antrim are given all the necessary protection both physically and financially to cope with future inclement weather as soon as possible.

“I am using this period of consultation to ensure that the full extent of the proposals are applicable to Northern Ireland as well as the UK.

“While we are of course pleased with this news, it does not solve the practical issue of preventing these floods occurring again this winter. The sandbag solution that has been put in place is helpful as a temporary measure but it is by no means a long-term solution to this issue. With that in mind I am meeting with the Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy in September to find out what moves the assembly have made to date to commence appropriate building work to eradicate the issue of flooding in these areas.”