Paisley visits Rathmoyle Day Centre

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North Antrim MP Ian Paisley has taken the opportunity to visit Rathmoyle Day Centre in Ballycastle.

Mr Paisley said: “I took the opportunity to go round and inspect the entire facility and to have personal contact with all of the facility users.

“I was greatly impressed with what I saw and the level of love, care and commitment from service providers was impressive for anyone to see. I believe that in recent weeks there has been concern about the continuation of this service.

“I want to help ensure that the public message goes out loud and clear that the Day Centre is staying in the North Antrim area and will continue, a necessary and valued service, for users and their families.

“I was shown the significant care plans that are put into place and the detail that is put into ensuring that users are provided with as much activity and opportunities to progress, learn and develop.

“It was very heartening to see the enjoyment that the users have in the Day Care facility.

“I have in recent weeks been concerned at some of the public criticism that has been leveled by other public representatives in the East Antrim Area in particular those who appear to have an agenda that they want to take the service out of Ballycastle and put it somewhere else in the Glens area.

“I believe that Ballycastle, its location, is the best place to provide for this area and it would be a retrograde step to see this service removed from the Ballycastle area.

“Whilst, I appreciate the closure of the Rathmoyle Nursing Home has caused some confusion, it must be stated loud and clear that the Day Care Centre is here to stay,” he concluded.