Paisley supports ‘Silver Saver’ campaign

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MP for North Antrim, Ian Paisley, has announced his support for Age Sector Platform’s ‘Silver Saver’ campaign calling on food retailers to introduce a discount day for pensioners.

The campaign, which was prompted by one of the most popular motions passed at the Northern Ireland Pensioners’ Parliament earlier this year, has allowed people from across the province to show their support by signing a petition which will be used to put pressure on food retailers to introduce such a scheme here. The petition can be signed online at

Mr Paisley commented: “I believe the most vulnerable in our society should always be protected, and for our pensioners who have spent their lives working and contributing to the state, the time has come to give something back to them.

“I wholeheartedly back the ‘Silver Saver’ campaign and hope that food retailers take notice and give a little back to the most deserving in our society.”

Nixon Armstrong from Age Sector Platform commented: “Having left the starting blocks over the summer, this campaign has already gained the support of around 5,000 people. Drastic increases in food prices, and the older population’s inability to keep pace, has meant affording the weekly shop is a constant worry for many older people. At present, one in five pensioners in Northern Ireland is living in poverty. Rising food prices will push even more older people towards this hardship line.”

Mr Armstrong continued: “It has been proven that older people spend a higher proportion of their income on food than any other age group; with someone over 75 spending almost twice as much on food than someone under 30. This means older people are finding it harder to keep up with hikes in food prices, and why we are calling on food retailers to introduce a pensioner discount day to enable older people to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.” Age Sector Platform is encouraging all those in support of its campaign to contact them on 028 9031 2089 or sign its online petition at