Paisley supports MNDA

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North Antrim MP Ian Paisley this week offered his support to the Motor Neurone Disease Association at an awareness raising event in Westminster.

The event, attending by almost 80 MPs celebrated the submission of the MNDA’s charter which gathered over 30,000 signatures before Chief Executive Sally Light handed it in to Downing Street.

Launched in 2012, the MND Charter was designed to raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease and the care and support required by people with the disease and their carers.

Mr Paisley commented, “The submission of this charter and the importance of MND Awareness month cannot be understated.

“It is important now that we take this opportunity to press local councils to sign up to the charter and make sure the support networks are in place within their jurisdiction to assist sufferers and their carers in the best possible way.

“As an MP it is important that I continue to raise the issues surrounding Motor Neurone Disease on the floor of the House of Commons and continue to apply pressure on the Department of Health to provide the resources that those caught up in the everyday struggles of living with this awful condition require.”

This month is MND Awareness month, visit