Paisley support for gas connection in Bushmills

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North Antrim MP Ian Paisley Jnr. has congratulated Bushmills Distillery and Firmus energy for completion and the switching of the gas connection in the village.

He said: “Last week I attended the official launch of the new connection and this is a great day for energy choice for consumers and business in the village.

“I congratulate Bushmills and Diageo for its vision and Firmus for delivering the project on time and with minimum disruption.

“Now many local consumers will have the ability to choose gas as an energy source if they so wish. The energy saving to Buhsmills can be counted in several thousands of pounds per day as they are a high energy user and this reduces their impact on the environment and importantly allows them financial savings to put into other important aspects of the company rather than spend on energy.

“It is savings like that that will keep manufacturers’ operational, protect jobs and grow industry and I welcome the development. This is good news for my constituents and exciting opportunity for many of them.”