Paisley lights up Rio for St Patrick’s Day

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Brazil’s iconic Christ statue in the city of Rio De Janeiro was bathed in green floodlights to mark St Patrick’s Day - and North Antrim MP, Ian Paisley Jnr. played a part in the history making event!

According to the DUP man, the arrangement came about after months of discussions with the Brazilian Ambassador.

Mr Paisley secured an agreement that the statue would be lit up with green lights from 8pm until midnight on St Patrick’s Day.

The lighting was part of a worldwide campaign involving iconic sights around the globe – including the London Eye, Table Mountain in South Africa, Burj Al Arab in Dubai and the Moulin Rouge in Paris – to ‘go green’ in honour of St Patrick.

Paisley said: “This was a fantastic result after months of negotiation and discussions.

“It enables the spirit of St Patrick - that of true, honest Christian values - to be recognised in yet another city on yet another iconic monument around the globe.

“I actually expected the confirmation to come for 2013, so to consequently have it a year early is just a phenomenal achievement.”