Over £8000 in food thrown away each year in Ballymoney

HOUSEHOLDS in Ballymoney throw away a total of £8160 worth of food every year, according to figures presented to the Borough Council at last week’s monthly meeting.

Councillors were told that in the UK, we import approximately 40% of the food we eat and throw away up to £680 worth of food per household per annum. This equates to as much as £8,160,000 for all households in the Borough.

As economic conditions continue to challenge each household in Ballymoney, the Council recognises the importance of promoting the growing of more food locally.

The council stressed the importantance of working with food growers and producers to maximize the positive impacts of local and seasonal food and reduce the amount of food waste generated within the Borough.

The Incredible Edible movement began in Todmorden with a desire to reconnect its community with food, drawing on the skills, expertise and resources already available within any community.

Ballymoney Council, through its Incredible Edible campaign, seeks to draw on the experiences of this and Incredible Edible Cloughmills to foster a new relationship with food which will benefit all.

Councillors confirmed support for the ‘Incredible Edible’ principles of:

1.increasing the amount of food grown locally

2.promoting the benefits of supporting local food growers and producers

3.reconnecting people with food, nurturing an understanding of its importance to the sustainable development of the entire community

The Council pledged to promote Incredible Edible Ballymoney by championing both the principle and practice with Borough interest groups, the business community, local people and via publications and signage declaring the Council’s support.

Policy Communication

Council Members, Council employees and agency staff will each receive a copy of the policy.

It will be placed on the Council’s website and will be positively promoted via the media.

It will be the responsibility of the Council’s Director of Borough Services to devise an Incredible Edible Implementation Plan and ensure that within the Councils resource allocation that this policy is delivered effectively.

The Council’s Corporate Management Team [CMT] is responsible for the monitoring and review of this policy. The policy will be monitored following its implementation and a formal review will be conducted annually.

On the proposal of Alderman Frank Campbell, seconded by Councillor Jason Atkinson it was agreed to recommend that Council adopt and implement the Incredible Edible Policy as detailed.