Outer ferry pier to be opened to public again

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The outer ferry pier in Ballycastle is to be opened to the public.

The pier berth was created in 1997 for the Campbelltown ferry which no longer operates.

Since the service finished in 1991, the berth has mostly been cut off from the public and used only for commercial activities. Gates have only been opened on an ad-hoc basis for special events and tall ship visits.

At Monday night’s meeting of Moyle Council, members were told: “There is a strong desire from the public to have unlimited access to this area.

“Swimming and diving in the harbour area is against the Harbour Byelaws as it is an extremely high risk activity which could result in serious or even fatal consequences.”

A number of safety measures were listed which would allow for recreational and commercial use of the pier - a single gate as point of entry, information and safety signs, lines to mark a pedestrian walkway and additional lifesaving equipment. An optional extra of installing two benches was also suggested.

All five options would cost £1,500 in total.

Councillors were told: “It is proposed that the area wiill be open for a trial period of one year for recreational fishing but swimming/diving will be prohibited due to the risk of these activities.”

Cllr Padraig McShane urged members to accept “the a la carte” and vote for all five suggestions.

This was agreed.