Original Factory Shop boosts Greenlight Gateway

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AN McIlroy of Greenlight Gateway and some of the great team of trainees were recently thrilled to be pulling lucky tickets out of a big drum at the Original Factory Shop in Ballycastle.

In total over £700 was raised by the raffle organised by the Original Factory Shop staff for Greenlight Gateway and Ann said the money was a ‘massive boost at this time’.

Ann added: “We were really surprised and delighted to hear the news last Spring when we were contacted by Shauna McCafferty from the shop. We were well aware of the interest so many groups and charities had in being chosen and are more mindful than ever of how difficult a climate it is for all the very deserving local charities.

“Ballycastle has always had a great tradition of support from and by local businesses and it is fantastic to see a new and vibrant shop in the town choose to support and partner a local charity and social enterprise like ourselves in this way. To be chosen like this is a great lift and confidence boost for us all and a real honour.

“This support makes a huge difference to the many young people and adults with learning disabilities who work and train with us. We hope we can bring some ‘fun’ to their fundraising, but also look forward to exploring other ways we can partner The Original Factory Shop and their team of local staff.”

Mark Douglas, manager of The Original Factory Shop in Ballycastle said: “We offer smaller communities a department store that would not normally trade in small towns, offering people who are unable, or find it difficult to travel to bigger towns or out of town shopping centres, such as the elderly or young mums without a car a very effective alternative.

“We aim to be part of the local community, bringing local jobs for local people that would not normally be found, regenerating shopping centres that would otherwise remain empty, providing an increase in customer traffic for local retailers as well as ourselves and breathing life into these otherwise quiet streets. We have really enjoyed our first year trading here in Ballycastle and have been delighted with the response and feedback from all our customers.

“We are especially proud of our track record championing and supporting locally owned and based charities, and we are therefore especially delighted to be announcing that Greenlight Gateway based here in Moyle will continue to be our charity for the coming year.

“All of our staff team know the great work Greenlight do and they will all be especially keen to support the selling of our recycled bags (40p of each sale which will go to Greenlight) and any other fundraising and support we can offer through this partnership.”