Online dog licensing in Moyle area

As of November 1 the Moyle District Council is providing an online dog licencing service where residents of Moyle will be able to purchase or renew their dog licence via Moyle District Council’s website.

This new online service will enable dog owners to purchase or renew their dog licence quickly and easily. To purchase a dog licence online simply click on the link on the council website and follow the instructions. All first time on line customers must register and for those renewing licences all you need is your previous dog licence number to bring up your existing licence details.

Sharon Bateson, Head of Environmental Health Unit, stated: “The Environmental Health Unit is delighted that this new online dog licensing facility is now available to residents of Moyle. The online service is a simple system to use and will provide a convenient new way for dog owners to ensure they have a valid dog licence. I am hopeful that the new service will also encourage those without a current licence to get online rather than risk a fixed penalty fine.” Proof of eligibility for concessions remains a requirement before a dog licence can be issued. Concessions based on the applicant’s age or neutering of a dog will be verified on the first occasion only. If previously supplied it won’t be necessary to do this again as Council will have a record of this.

For concessions based on means tested benefits i.e. Income support or Housing benefit it will be necessary to provide verification documents annually.

Verification documentation can be shown at or a copy posted to Moyle District Council, Sheskburn House , 7 Mary Street, Ballycastle, BT54 6QH