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THE chair of Moyle District Council, Sandra Hunter, has been nominated to represent the council on Mosside Development Group.

The decision was taken following a reqauest from the Group.

Digital switchover

THE Mayor’s Parlour at Sheskburn House, home of Moyle Council, will be used as an advice point for the digital switchover of televisions in October.

Volunteers from the Moyle area will be at the parlour on October 10 and 11 and 24 and 25 to offer adive, support and information to anyone having problems or difficulties with the switchover.

At the information point, there will be a television and set top box so people will be able to see how to set up their system and retune their tv to receive a digital signal.


SIXTEEN request were received by Moyle Council idn June for Freedom of Information and all were responded to.

According to council minutes, 20 were received in July and 18 responded to.


NET expenditure on photocopying and internal pringing for the year 2011.ddd/2012 icnluding depreciation was £30,860, Moyle District Councillors have been told.

A report provided by Corporate Services said the costs also included photocopier rentals, copy charges, printer inks, toners and paper. This worked out an an average of 6.5 pene per impression.

The report revealed that the council were currently exploring options to reduce this expenditure by up to £10,000 per year and that findings were expected in September.

Registrar’s report

THE number of births registered at Moyle Council in June of this year was 13, while 11 were registered in July according to figures at last week’s monthly meeting.

The number of deaths registered was six in June and 14 in July and the number of coroner’s deaths registered amounted to four ion June and six in July.

There were 20 marriages registered and the same number of marriage notice applications computerised in June. The figures for July were 12 and 17 respectively.


A drainage problem at the former PSNI station at Main Street, Bushmills is to be investigated by Roads Service, Moyle Council have been told.


GRASS cutting has been completed on verges at Carnbore Road/Causeway Road and Torr Road, Roads Service have said.

No scheme

A corner on McNaughton’s estate on the Castlenagree Road, Bushmills, does not meet the criteria for approval, Roads Service have told Moyle Council.

A spokesperson said a preliminary assessment agaisnt the criteria for the development of a minor works scheme was carried out for this location.

However, it did not meet the creitera to pgoress for further, more detailed, assessment. As a result, a scheme proposal could not be listed at this time.

Street lighting

Roads Service have responded to concerns from Moyle Council in relation to lack of street lighting at the end of Shore Street, Cushendall.

A spokersperson for Roads Service said that a survey of this location had been carried out from the Bridge Street junction to the junciton at Shore Road and Layde Road.

“There is continuous lighting along Shore Street from High Street/Bridge Street junction to Shore Road/Layde Road junction.

Councillor Colm Thompson who raised the issue is to be contacted by a Street Lighting Engineer to discuss the matter.