On a Journey

Original Send

In the old days we used snail mail or written notes. Snail mail

is a hand or typewritten letter with a stamp on it. It is called

snail mail because it takes so long to reach its

destination. When, in the past, you wrote a scathing

letter, you often had a few hours to think about it before you posted it.

Email and text messaging are virtually instant.

The next time you write a harsh or critical email or text, wait

a day before your press the “Send” button. What you may find is

that after 24 hours you may revamp your message or press the

“Delete” button instead.

Just like words spoken, E-Messages once sent forth can’t be


You will write some hot email or text messages in the future.

Once you do, let it sit until the next day then re-read it. If

it is still what you want to say then go ahead and “Send” it.

The most popular phone in the world has on the back the symbol

of an apple with a bite out of it which is the Biblical

representation of the original sin.

If you wait a day, you may at least eliminate one original Send.

An “On A Journey” thought!