Old police station site gets approval for sale

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BALLYMONEY’S old police station site (pictured right) on Charlotte Street has recevied approval for sale.

In a statement to the Times, David McIlveen DUP MLA and Northern Ireland Policing Board member welcomed the news that the station site had recevied approval for sale.

Mr McIlveen was part of the monthly Policing Board meeting last week, where it was agreed that the parcel of land opposite the new Police Station could now be disposed of.

Mr McIlveen feels that this is a natural conclusion to the project of building the new ‘state of the art’ police station across the road, a building which the DUP have long lobbied for.

Speaking to the paper, Mr McIlveen said: “I was delighted that the Policing Board approved this portion of land for sale. Part of the role of the board is to manage the PSNI estate.

“I was pleased to be part of this decision and feel it brings the entire development to its natural conclusion and helps finish off the fantastic new station across the road.

“The DUP have lobbied long and hard to ensure that the new station was completed and that it was right up to date in terms of facilities and equipment.

“I visited the station when it opened and I was extremely impressed with everything I saw. The sale of the remaining site of the old station across the road will provide extra cash to pay for this wonderful new facility and that can only be a positive in my view.

“I look forward to finding out who purchases the site and hope that it will benefit the entire town and community. There are many community groups ad churches looking for good quality land in the area, as well as other developers. I look forward to seeing what the site will bring and will ensure I keep a close eye on any future plans for this parcel of land.”

Ballymoney Area Commander, Chief Inspector Brenda Cairns explained that the new station was making a positive contribution to the local community.

He explained: “The station is a well designed, modern building which meets the needs of the PSNI and the local community in working together to further reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.”