Official worried about safety at road-side horseshoe throwing games

A ROADS Service official has expressed concern about the danger posed by large numbers of people gathering close to the side of roads for horseshoe throwing competitions.

Horse-shoe throwing is popular in many areas of north Antrim and beyond and all it takes is for a small area of grass for a match to take place.

One such spot is a road side verge in Derrykeighan and DUP councillor Evelyne Robinson told a meeting between Ballymoney Council and Roads Service the verge is used in the village for horseshoe throwing but the kerbstone stops and she said the spot would benefit from a kerb being put in.

Roads Service representative John McKinley said he is familiar with the location and he said he wouldn’t want to encourage such activity on the edge of the road because of safety concerns.

He said he would take a look at the issue and said maybe kerbing could be put in for some reason other than for facilitating horseshoe throwing there.

Cllr Robinson said that in that case maybe a reason for putting in kerbing would be to “help the look of the place”.

Meanwhile, horseshoe throwers in Stranocum say they will hold Ballymoney council to a promise that the pitch they lost when the new community centre was built, will be replaced.

Horseshoe throwing is an important part of social life in the village and at present, those engaged in the sport have found themsevles without any facilities.

They say that an area beside the centre could be utilised and claim that when the centre was under construction there was an assurance that a replacement pitch would be created.

Because of the current situation, the local throwers have been unable to plan any competitions and with the season now underway, throwers say it is an unacceptable situation.

They are calling on their local representatives to help them.