Officers NOT to hide from motorists

POLICE officers with speed detection devices MUST be ‘visible to motorists’, according to a Ballymoney police chief.

The issue was raised during a recent Ballymoney District Policing Partnership meeting after DPP member Cllr John Finlay questioned an issue on the Stephen Nolan show.

He explained that callers had explained how police officers had been seen hiding behind bushes and walls to catch speeding motorists.

In response Chief Inspector John Magill said: “Under no circumstances should officers be found hiding behind hedges, walls or bus shelters to catch out motorists.

“To catch any culprits, officers need to be seen and the detections need to be visible to motorists and the vehicle in question at all times.

“Officers are not out on the roads to catch as many speeding motorists as possible. They are there as a deterrent.

“My officers are well warned of the standards I expect. So if anyone sees this happening then they should ring me immediately.”