Officer was denied info for tyre investigation

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A Council officer was denied access to Driver Vehicle Agency (DVA) information while trying to investigate a report of tyres being burned on an Eleventh Night bonfire, Causeway Coast and Glens Council has learned.

The officer told the Environmental Services Committee that he was refused information from the DVA because they required a witness statement in order to release data to allow the illegally dumped tyres to be traced back to their owner. However, the complainant did not want to make a statement so the officer could not continue with investigation.

Cllr George Duddy said it was “incredible” that one goverment department wouldn’t co-operate with another. He added that when we buy a new tyre, we pay for the old one to be disposed of properly so when Council has to dispose of illegally dumped tyres, such as those left on bonfires, it means that the public are paying twice. It was agreed to write to Stormont to highlight the issue.