There is a chronic shortage of social housing in the Ballymoney Borough with one local politician saying he is making daily inquiries to the Housing Executive for people in need.

Friday, 27th September 2013, 7:09 am

The problem emerged after a meeting of the Council and Clanmil Housing to discuss a possible partnership for the provision of new homes in the area.

Afterwards, the Mayor, Councillor John Finlay, revealed that the housing stock in Ballymoney was “completely full” and that it was now virtually impossible to get a home.

Cllr. Finlay told the Times: “There was a time when zero points would have got you into Carnany. Now you need at least 100 but there’s no availability.

“As for the Glebeside, it would take 130 points to get in but there’s also no vacant homes.”

Cllr. Finlay also pointed to Balnamore where applicants need 150 points.

He said: “I am on the telephone day and daily to the Housing Executive, it’s that bad.

“There just isn’t anything available in Ballymoney and the demand for social housing is increasing because of the high rents being charged by private landlords.

“People can’t afford them and more so now with the cuts in housing subsidies.

“We have an acute shortage of homes and with the Housing Executive no longer building, the likes of Clanmil can play an important role in filling the gap.”

A representative of Clanmil gave a presentation to the council and identified areas of housing need in Balnamore and Bendooragh as well as in Ballymoney.

She has urged the council to explore opportunities for partnership work with Clanmil in relation to creating “safe and sustainable neighbourhoods.”