No option but to remove child

SIR, The recent decision by the education minister to grant Ballymoney Model P.S. integrated status has left my wife and I no other option but to remove our child from the school.

This is a decision that we have found hard to make, but a necessary one. Our family has been a great servant to the school with our children, my wife and her brothers and sisters all being former pupils.

I must stress that I nor my family are anti-integration as we chose the Model for our children’s education knowing it was already an integrated school.

It is the way in which this whole process has been carried out.

From the start, it was quite clear that neither the NEELB or NICIE wanted to listen to the voices of parents opposed to the integration from the information meetings, giving no straight answers to any questions.

When asked if the Union flag would be removed under NICIE the reply was it would go to a Governors’ vote (and we know what that result would be).

With the introduction of gaelic football, hurling, camogie, Irish language and the preparation for sacrament, surely thisis more segregation than integration.

Where is the equality?

I feel it is now up to the locally-elected representatives to help the remaining parents and children still at the school and take this matter to the Assembly and have the minister’s decision overturned.

Yours etc.Stephen Tweed,Millbrooke Park,