No Fracking Northern Ireland holding public meeting

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Following the withdrawal of the exploratory licence from Tamboran Resources Pty Ltd to drill for shale gas in Fermanagh last week, the spotlight has now fallen on the north coast area where Rathlin Energy Ltd still have a licence to explore for shale gas.

Within a matter of days Rathlin Energy are due to submit an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which will include a Human Impact statement to the Department of the Environment (DOE). This will go out for public consultation. If this EIA is judged by the DOE to present no “significant environmental impact” fracking may well go ahead all along the north coast.

No Fracking Northern Ireland are holding a public meeting this Thursday (October 16) in Portballintrae Community Hall at 7.30pm to update local people, farmers and businesses on these latest developments and to plan a way forward to prevent fracking in the area.

Rathlin Energy have stated publicly that if they find commercial quantities of shale gas in the area they could drill up to one thousand wells. This, or even one hundred wells, would utterly destroy our beloved north coast for all time. Our well-being and that of our children, farming, tourism and property prices would all be devastated. One thousand wells would require between 3 and 5 billion gallons of fresh water during the fracking process. Northern Ireland currently uses 7 billion gallons annually. So where is all the water to come from? Come along next Thursday and find out more.