NIE slammed over payment to customers

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A decision by Northern Ireland Electricity not to pay compensation to customers who were without electric for more than twenty four hours during the heavy snowfall earlier in the year has been described as a disgrace by Glens Sinn Fein Councillor Colum Thompson.

Councillor Thompson said: “NIE’s decision not to pay compensation in this case is nothing short of a disgrace.

“I fully understand how tough a job it was to restore the electricity supply in some areas of The Glens during the snow but NIE have a guarantee that they will restore the supply within twenty four hours. If they fail to do this they promise to award a domestic customer fifty pounds and a business customer one hundred and twenty five pounds in compensation with a further twenty five pounds for every twelve hour period the customer remains without power.

“This guarantee is clearly stated on NIE’s website and it is a promise which they should keep to their customers. I understand that NIE had applied to The Utility Regulator for an exemption which The Regulator refused, however because of the legislation the ultimate decision lay with NIE.

“Their decision has also drawn criticism from The Consumer Council who have said that NIE should investigate customers’ claims more thoroughly. I will be asking Moyle Council to write to NIE expressing concern at their decision which will impact on scores of customers within The Glens who were left without power for over twenty four hours and in some cases for several days.” Claims for compensation from NIE needed to be lodged no later than one month from the date of the disruption to the power supply.